Welcome to Clinger Holsters.

Comfort Holsters has merged with its sister company: Clinger Holsters.

Atom Holster

StrongSide Holster

No-Print Wonder Holster

American Concealment Solutions has owned & operated Comfort Holsters & Clinger Holsters since 2012. Although both companies have been very successful, Clinger Holsters has been a true runaway success story. The Clinger Holsters brand focuses on Deep Concealment and affordable prices.

We have had a very difficult time keeping up with demand for both companies. We feel that we can best serve the Concealed Carry community by diverting our full energy and resources into the Clinger Holsters brand. Comfort Holsters will be temporarily unavailable for sale.

We will re-introduce new models next year that reflect Comfort Holsters’ dedication to comfort. These new models are currently under development and will take root right here under the Clinger Holsters brand. All warranties for both holster brands are still valid. All Contact will now go through Clinger Holsters.

So how does Clinger Holsters supply the Concealed Carry community with high quality Kydex holsters at such affordable prices? We sell our holsters for very little markup while focusing on volume selling. We get our materials at extremely low prices because of the large volume of holsters we produce. We pass these savings on to our customers.