Comfort Cling VS Remora® Holsters

Sticky Holsters are NOT as “Sticky”

We’ve filmed a Friction Test that shows the Comfort Cling has more grip than the Sticky holster. It holds tighter.

Sticky Holsters are NOT as Tough

We knew Sticky holsters weren’t durable. We solved this problem when designing the Comfort Cling. The hard steel on a firearm can quickly degrade many fabrics. However, the Comfort Cling holster is designed with a thicker, more durable outer shell. It should last for years longer than a Sticky Holster.

Sticky Holsters are NOT as Comfortable

It’s a given that the thin foam found in a Sticky holster is more comfortable than a hard gun. However, only a Comfort Cling holster has a GEL-Like cushion to really pamper you with comfortable luxury. The best part is the GEL-Like cushion is significantly lighter than gel.

Sticky Holsters do NOT Draw as Smoothly

Comfort Cling Holsters draw smoother than Sticky Holsters. Why? Because Comfort Cling holsters have a ZIG-ZAG stitching pattern holding the binding around the edge of the holster. The binding is completely pinned down. Therefore your gun’s sights can’t catch the seam. Take a look at a Sticky holster and you’ll see a lazy straight stitch all the way around it.

Sticky Holsters are Over-Priced

A Sticky holster costs $29.99. A Comfort Cling holster is only $19.99.

The Best in the Biz

The Comfort Cling was released to the market to provide a more comfortable, effective way to carry your gun every day. With a holster like the Comfort Cling, you’ll have more options to carry your gun every single day.

The Comfort Cling holster makes concealing a gun more comfortable in every way imaginable. Not only can you place your gun anywhere in your waistband or pocket, you’ll have an amazing gel-like cushioning between you and your gun.

For the very affordable price of $19.99 you’ll have another great option to carry many different firearms. The Comfort Cling holster fits many different pistols in each size. See the Comfort Cling product page for a list of holster sizes. Don’t settle for Sticky holsters when you can have a Comfort Cling! Also checkout our OWB holsters

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