Comfort Cling VS Remora® Holsters

Remora® Holsters are NOT as Comfortable

The raised dots on Remora’s® outer shell are not as comfortable as the buttery smooth outer shell on the Comfort Cling holster. The raised dots can feel abrasive on the skin. The Comfort Cling holster has better features than the Remora® holster and twice the comfort.

Remora® Holsters are NOT as Affordable

Remora® holsters typically start at $24.95. The Comfort Cling holster is priced at $19.99

The Comfort Cling is Less Likely to Snag Your Gun’s Sights

Comfort Cling Holsters are less likely to snag your gun’s sights. Why? Because Comfort Cling holsters have a ZIG-ZAG stitching pattern holding the binding around the edge of the holster. The binding is completely pinned down. Therefore your gun’s sights can’t catch the seam as easily.

Take a look at a Remora® holster and you’ll see a lazy straight stitch all the way around it. Your gun’s sights are more likely to catch on the binding during the draw (potentially pulling the holster out with the gun or slowing the draw).

Remora® Holsters Are Not As Versatile

Remora® holsters are sewed shut at the bottom. That limits how many guns fit in the holster. The Comfort Cling has an open bottom. This allows you to put more gun sizes in the holster. Long barrels on guns like the 1911 or Browning Hi Power will fit through the bottom of the holster. The benefit of this feature means you can buy less holsters to use for multiple gun sizes.

See the Comfort Cling Holster in Action!

The Comfort Cling holster fits many pistols and many carry styles.

Better Holster, Better Value

The Comfort Cling Holster is not only more comfortable than the Remora® holster, it features smarter construction! Don’t settle for a Remora® holster when the Comfort Cling outclasses it in every category. From the stitching to the materials, the Comfort Cling holster is clearly superior. Our American manufacturing facility is top-notch and employs highly skilled holster engineers. Plus, the amazing Comfort Cling holster is just $19.99!

Let’s Recap – The Comfort Cling:

  • is Much More Comfortable
  • is More Affordable
  • is Less Likely to Snag your Gun’s Sights
  • is More Versatile

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