First of all, the Clinger Team would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas with some thoughts as this year wraps up.

For my family, this last week (and a few days) is usually spent at one of my parents’ homes, playing games, telling stories, making things together, eating meals, watching our favorite shows and movies. Together.

But let’s talk concealed carry during the holidays. Where do we spend the majority of our time with the people that we love? At home, of course. So, it is imperative to have our self-defense tools with us, there, just as much or more so than out at the grocery store or traveling.

We’ve talked about keeping our CCW’s at home—that our pistol is to get us to our long arms. Some of us have children and need to keep our pistols out of their reach. My biggest suggestion is to get a finger combination safe (I’m sure you’ve seen them), which are quicker than a combination or key safe but keeps your pistol from unnecessary access.

What about get-togethers where alcohol is present? Draw a hard line: keep the firearms in the safe.

When I’m with my family, I keep my CCW out of reach of my nephew especially when I don’t have a safe to keep my pistol. However, I do not keep it in a place where I don’t have quick access to it. It’s a fine line. My suggestion is to practice and experiment with locations if you don’t have a safe. (Maybe for next Christmas you should ask for one!) But the point is to keep your pistol from unwarranted access but still where it can be used in self-defense.

Keep warm the rest of this year. We’ll be writing you again in 2018!



Hannah Staton holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Rhetoric and Writing from the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith where she also is a Writing Tutor. She was issued her Concealed Carry License in 2016, but has grown up around firearms her whole life. She is a Contributing Editor and Copy Writer for Clinger Holsters. She is an artist, cigar enthusiast, poet, and an avid shooter. She resides in Van Buren, Arkansas with her dog, Sunday and spends as much of her free time either with her family or making art. You can find her on Instagram @hr.staton or reach her by email:
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