Many of you have a certain gun that you really like, but it’s missing something. When you hold it, something seems off. Maybe the gun fits a little wider in your hand, or maybe the grip feels slippery. It’s perhaps time to consider modifying your pistol with a new pair of grips.

Now before I go any farther into this, I want to be clear: I realize that a few of you are already going to disagree with me about modifying any firearm. There might be possible legal implications if a modified firearm was used in self-defense and it can be easy to damage your weapon. However, there is an issue to living under the false assumption that a firearm comes off the assembly line and out of the box with every feature designed to make it the best possible self-defense tool.  The purpose of modifying your weapon shouldn’t be to make it look cool—but because every shooter is different, the weapon may not be able to satisfy every one of their needs.

If I were to change the grips on my Browning Hi power (since grips are what we’re talking about today) it would be for one reason: to slim down the grip so that my hand could wrap around more. It may not visibly seem like a difference shaving off about 5 or 6 millimeters all together, but I would feel the difference in my already small hands.

This is one of the ways I would modify a double-stack .45 (maybe even a single stack since the length from the tips of my fingers to my carpal-region is approximately 6 inches). Making this slight change to a pistol would make me for confident in shooting the weapon—because otherwise I would feel like I would drop it just due to recoil and small hands. This also would make the gun more accurate because I would be less likely to overcompensate my grip with my fingers and pull the gun towards the right as I squeeze the trigger.

Another reason to change your grips is if your gun feels slippery. The current grips on my Hi power are wooden Craig Spegel style grips (not sure whether mine are authentic). Let’s take the Glock 43. They come out of the box with an “aggressive” texture grip for “easier operation”. This is exactly why you want a tough or aggressive texture on the grip. Other pistols like the S&W M&P 9mm, which has notoriously slippery grips.

Is there a gun you have modified that you really love? Did you change the grips?

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  1. Paul
    Paul says:

    I have a Tristar Canik T-120 which is a CZ75 clone and it will even take the CZ75 grips. I have small hands and while the grips on my T-120 are nice, it seemed I’d be more comfortable with thinner grips so I bought some VZ Grips made for the CZ75 and put them on my Canik.

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