car thief stopped

Alleged Car Theif Stopped

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police are looking into a defensive shooting event from the first week of January.

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Believe it or not, a crazy man tried to steal a car (loaded with kids and a baby) by hanging on to it as it was driving away. Luckily a crises was averted because the father was wise enough to have a pistol on him to protect his family.

Alonzo Wimberly (36 years old) was shot multiple times after he allegedly tried to break into a car that happened to be full of people. The scariest part of the story is that a man allegedly tried to attack and steal from a family that had teenagers and a baby present.

If the father hadn’t had a gun, this could have ended tragically for the family.

Apparently, the man was holding on to the SUV as it was driving away from a parked location. When passers-by warned the driver that he was dragging a man, he pulled over. That’s when the assailant tried to steal the vehicle.

The father of the family had no choice but to shoot the man after he wouldn’t let go of the vehicle. Wimberly was rushed to the hospital where he died after being there a short while.

You never know when a psychotic predator will attempt to steal or kill when you or your family is near him/her. It’s our duty to protect our family if we have the means and capability to do so.

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