The Perfect Bersa Thunder 380 Holsters

For Concealed Carry

Bersa Thunder 380 Holsters

V3 Stingray

V3 No Print Wonder

V3 Ultra-Conceal OWB

Comfort Cling

Mag Pouch

Great Size for Concealed Carry

The Bersa Thunder 380 is sized just right for a Concealed Carry gun, and it looks great in our Kydex Bersa Thunder 380 concealed carry holsters. It’s not hard to hold on to like a tiny .380. Yet it’s still small enough to forget it’s there as you’re going about your day. It’s fairly thin as well but the grips fill your hand nicely.

Because it’s a PPK clone (not an exact clone), it operates on a blowback platform. Normally, you’d feel the recoil of a blowback operated handgun a little more than on one with a locked breech design. However with the Bersa Thunder 380, it isn’t really an issue. It handles pretty good on the range!

It Feels Good In the Hand

While polymer guns certainly have the advantage of weighing less, there’s something magical about picking up a gun with a metal frame. It balances better. It feels more durable as well. Plus, the extra weight helps to tame recoil. There’s another quality that strikes you too. It makes the pistol feel like a high quality piece. Take the Sig P229 for instance and compare it to the P320 Compact. They are both amazing guns but…the P229 just feels more expensive than the P320 Compact.

What a Great Bargain

You get a pretty reliable PPK clone for $250 when you buy a Bersa Thunder 380. That’s crazy cheap. At that price, you might expect a throwaway gun to throw in your tackle box (for shooting at snakes…not fish).  However, for 250 bucks (a common price on you get a genuine Concealed Carry pistol. It’s reliable, concealable, and shoots good.

The 380 ACP round may not be as good at stopping a dirtbag as a 9mm round. However, it has gotten more potent in recent years from reputable companies like Remington or Speer.

Caliber: 380ACP
Capacity: 8+1
Weight: 20 oz
Barrel Length: 3.5”
Cost: $250