If we don’t stand up to the Pro-Spoon lobby, who will?

We Need To Ban Spoons.

Not All Spoons…Just The Bad Ones.


We’re sick and tired of the pro-spoon lobby getting their way in this country.

Every year over 300,000 Americans die from obesity-related deaths according to the CDC.

We’re calling for COMMON SENSE Spoon Control legislation in America….It’s time.

If we can save just one life from obesity, it’ll be worth it.

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  1. J.R.
    J.R. says:

    HAHAHAHAHA. Wait so should I stop giving my kids deep fried Twinkies AND whole milk. What in the hell are they supposed to snack on after Trump rallies?!?

  2. Ronny Long
    Ronny Long says:

    Let’s see how many lib-tards agree with you because they don’t detect the sarcasm!!! Remember that they’re usually completely devoid of a sense of humor and can’t detect comedy very well :)

  3. Joe Boy
    Joe Boy says:

    Don’t give these lunatics ideas! You’re just kidding but watch these idiots take up the fight next month!!!

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