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Glock 48 MOS Review (With Pictures)

Glock 48 MOS Review The Glock 48 was an excellent idea. The Glock 19 has been the standard-bearer for the Glock series pistols for decades now. While it’s the perfect height and length for many, the gun found itself to be a chubby little fella. The Glock 48 was the skinnier variant. The Glock 48 […]

Glock 43X MOS Review (With Pictures)

Glock 43x MOS Review The Glock 43X is the reverse stretch of Glock pistols. Glock took the wildly successful Glock 43 pistol and stretched the grip to accommodate a newer 10 round magazine. The Glock 43X became a very popular concealed carry pistol and opened up a new market for Glock slimline pistols. We will […]

Sig P365 XL vs Sig P365 (with pictures)

Sig P365 XL vs Sig P365 A Comprehensive Analysis Without a doubt, the SIG P365 has revolutionized the small gun. It’s an ultra-concealable pocket rocket that packs 10 rounds where most guns can only pack 6. It’s small size and high capacity made it a standout gun. I’ve been carrying one for years now and […]

Sig P320 XCOMPACT Review (with pictures)

Sig P320 XCOMPACT Review The SIG P320 could have just been another Glock wannabe. It would have been a perfectly fine, and perfectly capable striker-fired pistol in full-sized, compact, and subcompact models. Chamber them in the big 3 self-defense calibers and call it a day. SIG didn’t do that with the Sig P320 XCOMPACT. Instead, […]

Walther PPQ vs HK VP9 (with pictures)

Walther PPQ vs HK VP9 A Detailed Review The world is filled with plastic fantastics. Plastic fantastic is an often affectionate name given to polymer frame, double stack, striker-fired guns that are usually 9mm, but 40 S&W also qualifies. What started with the success of Glock has become the success of the entire industry. Every […]