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Taurus G3c Review (With Pictures)

Taurus G3c Review Can You Trust It For Concealed Carry? Today we’re looking at the new Taurus G3c and we’re going to answer some very important questions about this budget pistol. Is it reliable? What’s the level of quality? How well does it work for Concealed Carry? How does it compare to other handguns in […]

Ban Spoons

If we don’t stand up to the Pro-Spoon lobby, who will? We Need To Ban Spoons. Not All Spoons…Just The Bad Ones.   We’re sick and tired of the pro-spoon lobby getting their way in this country. Every year over 300,000 Americans die from obesity-related deaths according to the CDC. We’re calling for COMMON SENSE Spoon […]

Glock 17 vs Sig P320 (with pictures)

Glock 17 vs Sig P320 A Detailed Comparison Have you heard of the Glock 17 vs Sig P320 debate? The current handgun market is really based around the polymer framed, striker-fired pistol, most often in 9mm.  Why?  Because of the mighty Glock 17.  The Glock 17 has been kickin’ around for over 30 years and […]

6 Tips to Support the Firearms Community

6 Tips to Support the Firearms Community Unfortunately, there are two very different divisions in society when it comes to firearms, those who are for, and those who are against. With the explosion of social media and the continued tragedies that dominate much of the news cycle, this divide has gotten wider for the firearms […]

Congressman Womack (AR) Tours Clinger Holsters

On August 8th of this year, Congressman Steve Womack took a tour of Clinger Holsters’ manufacturing facility located in Van Buren, Arkansas. While CEO, Chris Tedder, showed him the newly designed manufacturing gun holster lines, Steve Womack was pleased. Specifically, Congressman Womack praised Clingers Holsters’ growth, expansion, and ingenuity of small businesses in his home […]