We all have things that we take with us out into the world, everyday—that’s an EDC (everyday carry). Men, in general, pack lightly, keeping their EDC simple and practical. But, I’d bet that a woman’s EDC is assumed to be less practical or simple—boy have you been fooled.

Not every woman carries meaningless things in her bag or even carries a bag at all. As a CCL holder, my EDC has changed only slightly. For the last four years, I have carried four things: my wallet, keys, a pocket knife, and a lighter. Since my 21st birthday, I have added my pistol to my EDC.

But what about those women who carry enormous bags or purses?

Well, when I carry a bag, there’s a reason—because I have other things that won’t fit in my pockets (let’s not discuss the horrendous choices made in women’s fashion). In addition to my basics, I often carry my journal (which contains notebooks, my planner, a pen, paperclips, and document clips), pen roll (which has a ruler, several pen refills, &etc.), books for work, and my tablet. Since I also occasionally smoke cigars, I also keep a cigar cutter and matches. All of that isn’t going to fit in my pockets—so when I work, I take my bag with me.

This is often the case for other women, although they bring things like tissues, pain reliever, their make-up; but they bring what they think they need and it often reflects their personality. Many women will complain about their bag being too heavy—I remind them to keep their essentials and opt for a smaller bag so they don’t feel obligated to fill an enormous purse.

Some days I only bring my essentials. Some days I have to bring my bag.  However, here’s why I carry those 4 things above, no matter if I’m headed to work, or out for an evening to shop:


1. A Pocket Knife

This is first on my list for several reasons. Recently my colleague posted about Real Men and he and I carry a knife for the same reasons. According to his post I’m a real man, and encourage others to be as well.


2. A Wallet

This is a no brainer, but I also keep a card with my blood type and allergies listed just in case.


3. Keys

Now, I don’t overload my car keys (but I keep them and all my other keys on a D-clip unless I start my car, then I unclip my car keys and clip the others to a belt loop), but I also keep a handcuff key and another, small, pocket knife.


4. A Zippo Lighter

I keep this for several reasons, not just because I smoke the occasional cigar. A lighter can be used in several instances—to burn frayed ends of a rope or a loose thread on clothes instead of ripping them out. It can also be used as a light source if the lights go out, and you can, of course, light fire pits or tiki torches.


There are a few other things you could include too: small flashlight, pen, safety pins, a multi-tool like a Swiss Army Knife, and a watch.

I encourage every woman, if she doesn’t already, to carry these four basic things even in their bag. Being prepared and practical is important for both men and women even beyond carrying a pistol.

What do you include in your EDC beyond your conceal carry firearm?

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