Concealed carry holster

The V2 No Print Wonder Holster is 2 Holsters in 1!

The No Print Wonder Holster is the best holster on the market for concealing a handgun behind the hip.

However, some may prefer to convert their holster to our single-clip Stingray holster. The Stingray is faster and easier to put on and take off.

Plus, the V2 Stingray holster is adjustable from 0-15 degrees. Zero degrees works great for appendix carry while 15 degrees works best for behind the hip.

Every No Print Wonder Holster has a Stingray clip included in with the holster so that you can convert it at any time.

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  1. Ozzy
    Ozzy says:

    Being on a “FIXED INCOME” (Disability) I can only “TRY” to purchase one as monthly bills ALLOW. Is it fitted for a PT9v2?

  2. Steve Martini
    Steve Martini says:

    I just acquired the SAR K2P, want to use as carry pistol in AIWB. But, I’m a LEFTY. Why is there a shortage of left carry holsters? I probably have to go with the Adam but am partial with the belt clip on the Stingray, like the adjustable cant. How hard could it be to make an Adam with the Stingray adjustable belt clip in Left hand carry? A company should never sell it’s self short in omitting a different style or version. I’m sure you have hundreds of RH holsters to 5 LH’s. I would be glad to the extra price in obtaining a Clinger.

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