Hides your pistol grip.

Clinger Holsters were designed to pull your pistol grip in as close to the body as possible. In other words, LESS PRINTING!

Inside the Waistband

Tuckable & Quick Clip models are available.

Adjustable Tension

You control how tight your Clinger Holster grips your weapon.

Made in the USA

We’re an American company that prides itself on great customer service.

Lifetime Warranty

If your holster ever breaks, send it in and we’ll repair it for free. For the rest of your life.

6 Week Buy-Back Guarantee

No hassle returns.  For 6 weeks. For any reason.

Atom Series

 Sale! $27.99



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  • Tuckable

  • Fully Ambidextrous

  • Adjustable Ride Height

Stingray Series

 Sale! $34.99



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  • Full Sweat Shield

  • Built to Your Favorite Cant

  • Easy On/Off with “Quick Clip”


No-Print Wonder Holster

$60No-Print Wonder Holster

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  •  Pulls Pistol in Close

  • Adjustable Cant and Ride Height

  • More Stable Ride